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In addition to our training and experience, what differentiates our office from most dental offices is the advanced technology we offer our patients. We possess state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to provide our patients the most effective care possible while minimizing pain and risks.

Cone Beam CT

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Our Cone Beam CT (computed tomography) technology provides us with high-quality 3-D images which allow us to visualize the teeth, sinuses, bone, and surrounding structures. The CT gives a considerably more comprehensive examination when compared to traditional 2-D x-rays. This technology provides us detailed information to diagnose the problem and plan the treatment, all while only emitting minimal radiation.

Surgical Microscope

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Surgical microscopes allow us to see the tiniest detail of your tooth, giving us the edge we need to ensure your procedure is done correctly. These microscopes magnify details which are invisible to the naked eye and illuminate the work area, allowing us to work with precision to restore your tooth to health.

Digital Imaging

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Our office utilizes digital imaging to help us see what is going on inside your tooth before we begin a procedure. Limiting radiation exposure from x-rays is a concern for us to maintain the long-term health of our patients, so we utilize digital imaging which drastically reduces the amount of radiation from traditional x-rays. These images are clear and easy to read, which assists us in providing effective treatment. Another benefit is that the records are electronic, so it is easy to transfer files back to your primary dentist for future examination.

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