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Quick and Painless

Root canals are our specialty! It is what we do every day. The extensive training of our staff combined with the advanced technology offered by our office allows us to perform this procedure relatively painlessly, saving your teeth for years to come.

Even though you have probably heard the painful stigma associated with this procedure, modern advances in anesthesia and technology have erased the pain, making the experience with this procedure comparable to that of a simple filling. Root canal therapy is one of the most commonly performed dental procedures today, but each patient is different, and we customize our approach to give you the best results possible.


What is a Root Canal?

Pulp, which is a collection of blood vessels surrounding your teeth, can become damaged and infected causing symptoms such as pain, sensitivity and swelling. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should be checked by a dentist or endodontist immediately to assess the situation and determine if a root canal is necessary.

Root canal therapy involves removing damaged and infected pulp in the tooth and cleaning out and sealing the root canal. The success rate for saving the original tooth is high, with studies showing success rates of approximately 97% under optimal conditions.

Our staff is experienced in the latest techniques and technology to minimize pain during your procedure. A local anesthetic will be administered and you will be completely numb before the procedure begins.

What Happens After Treatment?

After your root canal therapy has been completed, we will send over a complete record of your treatment to your dentist. You should contact your dentist to set-up an appointment within a few weeks to determine what type of restoration work is needed to protect your tooth in the future. If you experience any problems or complications with the root canal, please contact us at our office immediately.

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